August 26, 2014

Plantago major - Homeopathy in Your Garden

Plantago major
The next time you step out of your house, keep an eye out for this plant. It is a very commonly seen plant. It grows just about everywhere as a weed, between the cracks in the sidewalk, in gravel, in grassy surfaces. It is Plantago major.

It is commonly called Plantain, and it has immense medicinal value. Poultices made from the leaves are used to promote wound healing, because the leaves contain anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial compounds. It also has astringent properties and it prevents loss of fluids from the body by contacting tissues. This makes it useful in diarrhea.

In homeopathy, the tincture of Plantago major is used to relieve toothache caused due to caries. The tincture, when applied with cotton wool, also relieves teeth that are sensitive to hot or cold. In other potencies, it is useful to relieve headache that is caused by toothache, diarrhea. It is especially useful for people with nicotine addiction by creating an aversion to tobacco, and by relieving the symptoms of insomnia and depression caused due to tobacco addiction.

Such a common little plant, and so many uses!

Photo credit: Frank Vincentz

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