January 28, 2015

Capsicum annuum - Homeopathy in Your Garden!

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This is a fruit that is used the world over to add flavor to different cuisines. It is Capsicum annuum, commonly known as cayenne pepper

In homeopathy, it is used for people who are lethargic, averse to exercise, alcoholics. They have a tendency to reminisce about the past and are known to be couch potatoes. People who need homeopathic Capsicum have burning pains with a feeling of coldness, constrictive sensation in the chest with difficulty in breathing. They have frequent urinary infections, digestive troubles, and muscle aches and pains. They are worse from the cold and always better from heat. 

Many symptoms of homeopathic Capsicum are similar to those of a heart attack, making it one of the top remedies to be used in heart disease. Homeopathic dilutions of Capsicum may be used as a cardiotonic, or heart stimulant, when the symptoms match.

When it is eaten as part of your diet, capsicum decreases free radical damage which slows the degenerative ageing process and supports healthy functioning of the arteries and the whole cardiovascular system. Some research says that cayenne peppers regulate blood sugar levels, and increase the body's capacity to burn calories, thereby helping in weight loss. The capsaicin component of Capsicum is also a well-known pain-reliever. 

Many cultures around the world use cayenne peppers in their cuisines, and chilli sauce or chutney or pickle is a prized recipe in many cultures.

How do you like your chillies?