September 9, 2014

Bach's Walnut for Smoother Transitions

Bach flower remedies are wonderful to help you handle the little (or big) anxieties in the roller coaster ride called Life.

Walnut is especially useful to help us prepare ourselves for the many transitions life puts before us. 

Walnut is the flower essence to use at any period when there is a major life change

This may be at birth, or puberty, menopause, teething; or moving from one place to another, marriage or divorce, change of job, first day of school, recovering from a major illness

Children respond very well to Bach flower remedies. If you have a child who is having difficulties adjusting to a new school or new city, or needs help to cope with separation anxiety, try Bach's Walnut flower essence!

How to take Walnut: 

For adults or children: Take two drops directly on the tongue, or mix two drops in a glass of water and sip throughout the day. 

Using for 2-3 days is generally enough in acute situations.

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